About & Win

Societal norms have long dictated the narrow definition of “Family Values”. This expression has been employed by those who seek to deny LGBTQI+ and marginalised communities from the rights, privileges and status that this term bestows. The objective of our “ALL Families Valued” campaign is to counter the limiting characterisation of “Family Values” to highlight the reality that is the beautiful medley of your families.

IVFAustralia provides fertility services to support our clients’ needs by recognising the diverse spectrum of relationships. These can encompass heterosexual, single parents, alternative sexualities and gender identities in consideration of religious beliefs and cultural background.

We are looking forward to building a digital collection of your families using the hashtag #ALLFamiliesValued.

You can submit your contributions to this campaign across your public social media platforms by simply using the hashtag #. All our valued families will then be aggregated into a collection which celebrates the myriad familial bonds that comprise our society.

Concept: Kabi
Artwork: Judy Nadin

Tag your Family and Win!

Simply hashtag #AllFamiliesValued across any of your social media photos this summer and upload to Instagram or twitter to show the beautiful and diverse world of your family.

Or come and visit our stall at Fair Day or Luna Park family Day and have your photo taken in front of our all families valued back drop.

 These images, videos and stories will be aggregated into the largest representation of diversity that comprises our society’s myriad familial bonds. Check back regularly for opportunities to value your family.

By sharing a photo of your family you could win your own family portrait by award winning caricaturist Judy Nadin or photographer Ann-Marie Calilhanna. Or a family trip to the zoo or the movies. Winners will be notified by the end of March.

Download our AllFamiliesValued coloring book